more about paper & canvas
Water-resistant. Ink bleeding does not occur with incidental water contact.
High gloss look of a traditional photograph. Resin coated, feels like a traditional photograph.
Spec's : Basis weight 252g/mē - thickness 10,4 mil - ISO brightness 92% - Surface finish: High gloss - core size 2".

  CANVAS              (EPSON) 
High resolution canvas coating for outstanding reproductions.
Medium gloss surface for easy spraying.
Unique texture for true artist look.
Heavyweight for quality feel, 100% cotton archival quality base.
Spec's : Basis weight 406g/mē - thickness 18.8 mil - ISO brightness 82.6% -
              Base material 100% duck cotton.
All printed pictures are basicley protected against direct sunlight influens,
neverdeless it is recommend to not exposure the pictures to direct sunlight it can damage the inktstructure (vividness of the colors).